Personal Injury cases are often ripe for settlement shortly after the complaint has been filed. At this juncture, all medical records, witness statements, police reports, etc…ought to have been obtained by both Plaintiff and Defendants.

Why Should you hire a mediator?

There is far more economic value at the beginning of these cases as opposed to the end when parties have to engage experts and reach the “point of no return” or worse are encountering the law of diminishing returns. Costs can be saved by mediating early and avoiding depositions, IME’s, etc…upfront and investing the money in settling the matter.

San Jose Personal Injury Mediator

Mr. Briski has handled personal injury matters for over 18 years and understands the nuances of lien issues, client emotions, setting expectations, and bringing the matter to resolution at mediation.

Medical specials, wage loss, property damage, and severity of the injury form only part of the equation. Just as important, the mediator must understand the motivations and rationales behind particular positions that are taken by the parties and how these may be overcome so as to break through and resolve the personal injury claim.

From automobile accidents to premises liability, slip and fall, assault and battery, and other traditional torts, Mr. Briski aggressively pursues resolution of these matters so as to bring value to both Plaintiff and Defendant.