At Briski Mediation, our goal is to resolve each and every matter successfully, without regard to the difficulty of the case or effort that is necessary to attain resolution.

Briski Mediation Services

In order to succeed, mediation must begin before the conference, extend beyond the confines of the conference room, and should continue until a resolution is achieved.

We are available to mediate claims Statewide including throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, San Mateo, Oakland, and other Bay Area locations.  Additionally, we are available in the Sacramento Area and Southern California.  Briski Mediation offers economical rates and effective dispute resolution.

Mr. Briski is available to confidently and effectively settle your mediations via Zoom

About Kael M. Briski

Kael M. Briski brings considerable experience as an advocate for 30 years to the field of Mediation and is uniquely positioned to assist counsel in resolving their most difficult cases. He has acted as a private mediator since 2009.

Briski has practiced law in Santa Clara County since 1991 representing primarily Plaintiffs in litigation pertaining to Employment Law, Personal Injury, Business Disputes and related matters.

During that time Mr. Briski has developed a reputation as a “straight shooter” and as being especially knowledgeable in employment law including sexual harassment, disability discrimination, failure to accommodate disabilities, racial discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, whistleblower actions and wage and hour matters.

Why should you choose Kael Briski as your mediator?

Briski’s unique style of being relaxed, yet forceful, and determined to settle matters translates to successful dispute resolution and cost-effective service for those seeking a mediated resolution of their disputes.

Dedication To Success

Mr. Briski has successfully resolved multiple cases as an advocate, and mediator through the mediation and settlement process and has a unique and ongoing “ground level” view of a case which earns him plaudits from the Plaintiff’s and Defense Bar alike.

Kael Briski’s CV