I have worked with Kael as a mediator in several different cases. He is always prepared and brings a wealth of valuable experience to each case. He quickly identifies and grasps the key issues in the case, and he is effective in communicating with both counsel and clients.

He is personable throughout the process, but also brings the ability to present credible, evaluative opinions when they are necessary or helpful. In one case where we did not each an agreement on the day of the mediation conference, Kael was persistent in remaining in touch with both sides afterward and helping us eventually to reach a resolution.

My experience with Kael as a mediator has been uniformly positive and I consider him a “go to” mediator for employment disputes.

-Bay Area Employment Defense Attorney

Kael is an excellent mediator that I would highly recommend. He is very engaged and hands-on. He works tirelessly to get the case resolved and easily establishes a rapport with clients. He is respected by the plaintiff and defense attorneys alike and charges a very reasonable fee.

-Northern California Plaintiff’s Employment and Trial Attorney

Dear Kael:
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my deep appreciation for all of the time, energy, and effort you put into getting the instant matter resolved. Frankly,…I had little to no hope that this matter would be resolved short of a jury trial….

The fact that you were able to work some magic that I currently fail to understand and appreciate which resulted, in this case, getting [settled] is an unbelievable, remarkable achievement on your behalf.

Keep up the good work.

-Defense Attorney in Northern CA

This letter is to extend my appreciation to Kael Briski, who in less than three hours was able to settle a case that we have been trying to settle for two years. Kael did a brilliant job. In a very short period of time, he read our extensive briefing, interviewed the attorneys, understood the weaknesses, and focused on a resolution…

-Employment Defense Attorney in Northern CA

I met Kael about 10 years ago at the Santa Clara Superior Court. He mediated my client’s case as a judge pro team. What impressed me the most was how relentless he was in settling the case… I told him he should start his own mediation practice. Years later, he did. When you hire Kael, you are getting a 2 for 1: a top employment lawyer and a skilled mediator.

-Plaintiff & Defense Civil Litigator – Bay Area

I have used Kael as a mediator on five different cases. He has succeeded in settling all five. He is excellent. He is intelligent, well-prepared, and charismatic. He has a very strong background in both substantive employment law and the realities of employment litigation.

On one case in particular, both myself and opposing counsel considered a settlement to be impossible. Kael was able to settle the case on terms that made both opposing counsel and myself happy with the result.

In conclusion, I recommend Kael unequivocally.

-Bay Area Plaintiff’s Employment Attorney in Northern CA

Kael knows the law and has the experience to know potential outcomes. During our session, he showed the patience and persistence to keep the parties moving toward resolution. I highly recommend Kael – he is a very qualified mediator.