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Whether mediation is court-ordered or you’re opting for the process because it’s a cost-effective way to resolve a legal matter, Briski Mediation is here to help. We’re here to help using whatever platform or approach works best for your particular situation.

San Jose mediation lawyer Kael Briski is available for:

  • Virtual Zoom mediation sessions
  • Live, in-person alternative dispute resolution, or
  • Hybrid mediation consisting of Zoom and live components customized to adapt to your needs.

No matter the approach taken, trust that Briski Mediation will strive to resolve each and every matter successfully. It doesn’t matter how difficult your case is or how much effort must be invested into attaining a resolution – Don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss how alternative dispute resolution might benefit your legal case today.

Briski Mediation handles disputes in and throughout the Bay Area, including Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, San Francisco, the East Bay, and the cities of, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Fremont, and Sacramento. If your dispute is venued in Southern California we will travel there to mediate.

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Kael is an excellent mediator that I would highly recommend. He is very engaged and hands-on. He works tirelessly to get the case resolved and easily establishes a rapport with clients. He is respected by plaintiff’s and defense attorneys alike and charges a very reasonable fee.

-Northern California Plaintiff’s Employment and Trial Attorney

I have used Kael as a mediator on five different cases. He has succeeded in settling all five. He is excellent. He is intelligent, well-prepared, and charismatic. He has a very strong background in both substantive employment law and the realities of employment litigation…

-Bay Area Plaintiff’s Employment Attorney in Northern CA

In less than three hours Kael Briski was able to settle a case that we have been trying to settle for two years. Kael did a brilliant job. In a very short period of time, he read our extensive briefing, interviewed the attorneys, understood the weaknesses, and focused on a resolution…

-Employment Defense Attorney in Northern CA

I had little to no hope that this matter would be resolved short of a jury trial…. The fact that you were able to work some magic that I currently fail to understand and appreciate which resulted, in this case, getting [settled] is an unbelievable, remarkable achievement on your behalf…

-Defense Attorney in Northern CA

My experience with Kael as a mediator has been uniformly positive and I consider him a
“go-to” mediator for employment disputes…

Bay Area Employment Defense Attorney

When you hire Kael, you are getting a 2 for 1: a top employment lawyer and a skilled mediator…

Plaintiff & Defense Civil Litigator – Bay Area

Kael knows the law and has the experience to know potential outcomes. During our session, he showed the patience and persistence to keep the parties moving toward resolution. I highly recommend Kael – he is a very qualified mediator.



During the litigation process, opposing parties can be worlds apart in terms of how they would like to resolve the case. Mediation is a great tool to help parties move toward a solution that’s agreeable to both. However, in order for mediation to succeed, you need to ensure that you have an experienced mediator at the helm.

In other words – the person helping you find common ground has to know the ADR process well, understand the best strategies for moving parties in the right direction, and appreciate that in order to resolve the matter both parties need to compromise their positions.

Kael Briski has 30 years of legal experience and has spent more than a decade privately and confidentially mediating disputes. He’s known as a straight shooter – someone who helps the parties cut through the noise, identify their goals and find a timely and mutually agreeable solution to their problems. We see every dispute through to the end engaging in all necessary post mediation follow-up – so as to put every effort into resolving the cases we mediate.


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Bay Area Mediator

When you’re in the middle of a contested legal dispute, it can be hard to see eye to eye with the other side. Attorney Kael Briski, a leading San Jose mediation lawyer, can help you find an amicable solution to your problem.

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows parties in a legal action to find a middle ground, resolve issues, and retain control over the outcome. Kael Briski has 30 years of legal experience, serving as an advocate for clients in employment law, personal injury, and business disputes. Since 2009, he has provided top-notch private mediation services around San Jose, California. 

Virtual, hybrid and in-person mediation services are available.

We Know the Keys to Successful Mediation

In three decades as an attorney, Kael Briski has seen, first-hand, how valuable mediation can be in the midst of a bitter legal dispute. Over the course of his legal career, Briski has developed a reputation for assisting counsel in settling their most challenging cases. 

How? By bringing a unique style and perspective – relaxed yet forceful – to the mediation process. It all comes down to understanding that, at the heart of the matter, real people are trying their best to resolve real problems. There’s a lot at stake and emotions can run high – and it’s critical to keep that in mind throughout the process. 

At Briski Mediation, we firmly believe that successful mediation begins before the conference, extends beyond the confines of the conference room, and must continue until a resolution is achieved.

Mediator Kael Briski provides mediation services that are relaxed, forceful, and designed to settle. That translates into an effective, cost-effective solution for those in need of ADR assistance.

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Practice Areas

Why Should I Use Mediation to Resolve a Legal Dispute in California?

It’s Cost-Effective Way to Resolve a Case

Confidential Dispute Resolution

You’ll Have a Say in How Your Case is Resolved

Mediators Understand How to Help Parties Find Common Ground

Any type of litigation – an alleged employment or labor law violation, a business dispute, or even a personal injury case – can be costly. The longer it takes to resolve, the more expensive the process becomes – especially when it gets to the trial stage. Mediation offers a way for parties to resolve their dispute in its early stages. The less time it takes to find a solution or agree on a settlement, the less it will ultimately cost. 

When a case goes to trial, the details are generally open and available to the public. You might be party to a dispute that involves very personal, intimate, or private things. Perhaps you’re alleging that you’ve been sexually harassed at work. You might not want the details of that harassment made public – nor would your employer. Mediation provides an avenue for you to resolve your legal case while keeping the facts, evidence, and details of the dispute confidential.

Mediators help parties identify goals, find common ground, and move toward mutually agreeable solutions to their legal case. Mediators do not, however, have the final say in how a problem is to be resolved. Instead, the ultimate decision belongs to the parties on either side. In mediation, you can’t be forced to accept a solution that you’re not happy with. In mediation, the parties have the ability to accept a deal, negotiate further, or reject an offer outright and walk away. 

Many legal disputes can be fraught with emotion and filled with tension – especially those involving allegations of misconduct in the workplace, business ventures gone wrong, and cases in which accident victims seek compensation for their catastrophic injuries. At Briski Mediation, we understand that it’s often hard for parties to see eye to eye because, in truth, the person being sued sees the litigation as a grab for power and money.

Mr. Briski understands that these obstacles and perspectives – if not addressed – can cause negotiations to fail before they ever begin. We’ll address these concerns head-on, help parties understand that there is a legitimate legal cause of action at the very heart of the dispute, and provide guidance on moving toward finding an agreeable solution. 

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