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Mediation has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool – but only with the right mediator at the helm. If you’re in the middle of a legal dispute in California, Kael Briski is the San Jose mediation attorney you need to call for help. 

Kael Briski’s legal career spans more than 30 years. Since 2009, he’s drawn on his legal background to become one of the most respected and sought-after mediators in San Jose, California. In a contentious process, he’s the steady hand and guiding light that helps parties set aside their differences, find common ground, and reach an agreeable solution to their problem. 

Leveraged properly, the mediation process can help you save money and reduce the stress your lawsuit might cause. Your choice of mediator is critical  – trust that Kael Briski will help you see your dispute through to the very end, no matter how tough the circumstances might be.

Briski Mediation handles disputes in and throughout the Bay Area, including Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, San Francisco, the East Bay, and the cities of, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Fremont, and Sacramento. If your dispute is venued in Southern California we will travel there to mediate.

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Kael is an excellent mediator that I would highly recommend. He is very engaged and hands-on. He works tirelessly to get the case resolved and easily establishes a rapport with clients. He is respected by plaintiff’s and defense attorneys alike and charges a very reasonable fee.

-Northern California Plaintiff’s Employment and Trial Attorney

I have used Kael as a mediator on five different cases. He has succeeded in settling all five. He is excellent. He is intelligent, well-prepared, and charismatic. He has a very strong background in both substantive employment law and the realities of employment litigation…

-Bay Area Plaintiff’s Employment Attorney in Northern CA

In less than three hours Kael Briski was able to settle a case that we have been trying to settle for two years. Kael did a brilliant job. In a very short period of time, he read our extensive briefing, interviewed the attorneys, understood the weaknesses, and focused on a resolution…

-Employment Defense Attorney in Northern CA

I had little to no hope that this matter would be resolved short of a jury trial…. The fact that you were able to work some magic that I currently fail to understand and appreciate which resulted, in this case, getting [settled] is an unbelievable, remarkable achievement on your behalf…

-Defense Attorney in Northern CA

My experience with Kael as a mediator has been uniformly positive and I consider him a
“go-to” mediator for employment disputes…

Bay Area Employment Defense Attorney

When you hire Kael, you are getting a 2 for 1: a top employment lawyer and a skilled mediator…

Plaintiff & Defense Civil Litigator – Bay Area

Kael knows the law and has the experience to know potential outcomes. During our session, he showed the patience and persistence to keep the parties moving toward resolution. I highly recommend Kael – he is a very qualified mediator.


Mediation: Saving You Time, Saving You Money, Giving You Control

Why use mediation? The answer is simple: it can save you time, save you money, and give you the ability to maintain control over how your lawsuit is resolved. 

Mediation falls under the umbrella of alternative dispute resolution. It can be used voluntarily, or it might be court-ordered. Regardless, it’s a way to allow parties to avoid the costs and headache of going to court, while also giving them the power to have a say in how their dispute is ultimately resolved. 

Think of a mediator as a guide – a neutral party who can help the plaintiff and defendant dig deep into their dispute, find common ground, and lead them to a path where an agreeable solution can be reached. 

Kael Briski has worked as a private mediator for more than a decade. He’s been an attorney for more than 30 years. He understands the process and knows how to best support and move parties closer to consensus.  Call his office to talk about your dispute and learn how Briski Mediation can help you resolve your dispute on your terms.


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Don’t let your mediation process go off the rails because you don’t have an experienced mediator leading the way. Let Kael Briski put 30+ years of legal experience and 10+ years of private mediation experience to work for you.

Call San Jose mediation lawyer Kael Briski and be confident that he’ll help you see your dispute through to the end. Call Briski Mediation to schedule a time to discuss the mediation process and learn how we can help.

Briski Mediation wants the process to work for you. That’s why we offer both live and virtual (Zoom) mediation services. Contact our office, conveniently located in San Jose, to discuss your alternative dispute resolution needs today.

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